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Policy on Gambling
2004 March 4-7
Council of General Synod. Minutes
Record Type
Resolution 16-03-04
2004 March 4-7
Council of General Synod. Minutes
Record Type
Resolution 16-03-04
Mr. Matthew Kett
Mr. David Watt
That This Council of General Synod
1. Stands opposed to any gambling activity that in its scope or form will negatively affect the residents of any community, region, or neighbourhood.
2. Commits General Synod not to receive funds raised from lotteries, casinos, electronic gambling machines, or other activities of the gambling industry, to the extent that such funds can be identified
3. Requests the EcoJustice Committee to
- distribute educational materials about all forms of gambling to the dioceses
- maintain a watching brief on government sponsored gambling activities, with input from the dioceses and ecclesiastical provinces
- collaborate with other denominations in monitoring and responding to gambling expansion in Canada.
4. Building on the position taken by the United Church of Canada in 1998, and on previous ecumenical statements of which the Anglican Church of Canada was part, calls upon the Government of Canada to
- conduct a public and independent review of legal and illegal gambling in Canada and of its social, economic, and legal impact;
- make recommendations for public policy and for effective oversight of the gambling industry within the requirements of the Criminal Code, especially regarding electronic gambling;
- establish national standards for assessing gambling proposals, including economic, legal, and social-impact assessments;
- establish a single format for provinces to provide information on gambling and gambling-generated revenues to the Government of Canada and to the Canadian public, and require full annual disclosure of such information;
- establish an independent review of provincial gambling commissions and issue a public report on the findings, with particular attention to public decision-making about allocation of gambling-generated funds, public accountability, and standards of governance that serve the public interest. CARRIED #16-03-04
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