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In the face of violence, 'A Common Word' sows common ground : The Anglican Church of Canada could soon join a global movement on Christian-Muslim dialogue -- but 'A Common Word' has already brought Albertans together
Gardner, Matt
Record Type
Journal Article
Anglican Journal
2019 May
Gardner, Matt
Record Type
Journal Article
Anglican Journal
2019 May
1, 12-13
"For the Rev. Scott Sharman, animator for ecumenical and interfaith relations for the Anglican Church of Canada, such incidents [as the March 2019 Christchurch] underscore the need for Christians to take a stand against hate and promote dialogue between the world's two largest faiths. At the November 2018 meeting of the Council of General Synod (CoGS), Sharman presented a resolution calling for the council to affirm efforts by the department of faith, worship and ministry to support Christian-Muslim dialogue under the banner of 'A Common Word Between Us and You', working in parallel with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) as a full-communion partner project. A global initiative inspired by a letter signed by 138 Muslim leaders in 2007-2008 -- subsequently endorsed by more than 200 Christian leaders, including former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams -- 'A Common Word' invites Christians and Muslims to come together for open dialogue and seek common ground to work towards peace" (p. 1, 12). "Incidents such as the [March 2019] New Zealand massacre, the acts of intimidation targeting Edmonton mosques, and the two-year anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting 'highlight again how important that is, and that this isn't just a problem that exists in other parts of the world', Sharman adds" (p. 12). "'One of the unique things about 'A Common World Alberta' is that it is an annual event that brings in the same people over and over again', says Ibrahim Long, a Muslim chaplain and teacher who has attended the dialogue for five years" (p. 13). "Jane Samson, an Anglican lay reader at Holy Trinity Old Strathcona and a history professor at the University of Alberta, describes growing hate crimes as the result of complex global processes and events, from 9/11 and the Syrian refugee crisis to economic and technological changes" (p. 13).
Sharman, Scott (Scott Allan)
A Common Word
Christianity and other religions - Islam
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Canada
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Anglican Church of Canada
Islam - Relations - Christianity
Islam - Relations - Christianity - Canada
Long, Ibrahim J.
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Letter Leaflet / Living Message
11 reels
16 mm
Biographical Sketch
Preceded by Monthly Letter Leaflet, the Letter Leaflet was established November 1888 and ran until October 1922. The Monthly Letter Leaflet was the newsletter of the Church of England's Woman's Auxiliary to Missions. It was renamed The Letter Leaflet when the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society was formed and ran under that title from Feb. 1893 until December 1922. It was followed by the Living Message, 1923 to May 1986, and then the Anglican Magazine, Jan. 1987-Dec. 1991. Volume numbering was continuous.
Scope and Content
Microfilm consists of :
Reel 1 - Letter Leaflet, 1889-1895 [on Reel 6 of Mf 83-9]
Reel 2 - Letter Leaflet, Jan. 1896-Dec. 1904
Reel 3 - Letter Leaflet, Nov. 1904-May 1914
Reel 4 - Letter Leaflet, June 1914-Dec. 1916
Reel 5 - Letter Leaflet, Jan. 1917-Dec. 1922
Reel 5 - Living Message, Jan. 1923-Dec. 1925
Reel 6 - Living Message, Jan. 1926-Dec. 1934
Reel 7 - Living Message, Jan. 1935-Dec. 1943
Reel 8 - Living Message, Jan. 1944-Dec. 1951
Reel 9 - Living Message, Jan. 1952-Sept. 1961
Reel 10 - Living Message, Oct. 1961-Dec. 1973
Reel 11 - Living Message, Jan. 1974-Dec. 1982
Related Fonds
Woman's Auxiliary fonds
Corporate Name
Church of England's Woman's Auxiliary to Missions
Woman's Auxiliary to the Board of Domestic and Foreign Missions of the Church of England in Canada
Woman's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada
Woman's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church Women
Anglican Church of Canada. Periodicals
Anglican Church of Canada. Woman's Auxiliary
Anglican Church of Canada. Anglican Church Women
Originals and Reproductions
GSA has copies of the originals. See Periodicals Database
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Mf 83-10
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