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Report of the Long Range Planning Committee
1971 January - February
General Synod. Minutes
Record Type
Act [29]
1971 January - February
General Synod. Minutes
Record Type
Act [29]
Mr. Clay Gault
The Very Reverend J. Conlin
That acting on the basis of the terms of reference and at the explicit request of the National Executive Council, the Long Range Planning Committee recommends to General Synod that in developing a national program in the immediate future high priority should be given to:
-- Programs which support the declaration and appropriation of the Faith.
-- Programs which operate from an ecumenical base.
-- Programs which confront social issues affecting humanity.
-- Programs which involve experimentation and research the results of which may be shared with the dioceses.
-- Programs which involve training and retraining for ministry designed to give confidence, flexibility and new style.
-- Programs which provide resources designed to meet rapid change.
-- Programs which enable youth to participate in change and decision-making within the church and society.
"And in developing national programs the Long Range Planning Committee recommends that low priority be given to the following and that they gradually be phased out;
-- Programs which duplicate those available through other agencies or governments.
-- Programs which deal directly with small special interest groups.
-- Programs which require continuous funding over a long period of time.
-- Programs which support bureaucratic structures and administration.
-- Programs which are not of a self-help nature.
Resolution 1
Therefore be it resolved that General Synod give general approval to the recommendations concerning program development for the immediate future, as outlined, and refer them to the Program Committee for consideration and action.
Moved in Amendment by: Chancellor H.R.S. Ryan
Seconded by: Reverend P. Tett
That the last item in the list of programs to be given low priority and to be gradually phased out, which reads. "Programs which are not of a self-help nature" be deleted.
The motion as amended was put and lost in the House of Delegates. The original motion was put and carried in both houses.
[Recorded as No. 29 in Acts of Synod, p. 67. List of Acts includes actions which are NOT resolutions/acts.]
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