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Report of the Committee on Ecumenical Affairs (see p.64)
1964 August 31 - September 3
Executive Council Minutes
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1964 August 31 - September 3
Executive Council Minutes
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Bishop of Toronto
General Secretary
That section 3 (Canadian Council of Churches) as revised, be adopted. CARRIED
3. Canadian Council of Churches
Your Committee shares with all members of the Council its deep regret at the death in April of the Rev. W.J. Gallagher, who from the inception of the Council has been its able and hard-working General Secretary. Dr. Gallagher was succeeded in May by the Rev. Wilfrid F. Butcher, formerly Minister of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Quebec.
The Biennial Meeting of the Council is being called for November 16th to 19th, 1964 and your Committee submits the following names in nomination as delegates:
The Most Rev. H.H. Clark, D.D., Primate of All Canada
The Most Rev. W.L. Wright, Archbishop of Algoma
The Right Rev. F.H. Wilkinson, Bishop of Toronto
The Right Rev. W.R. Coleman, Bishop of Kootenay
The Right Rev. S.C. Steer, Bishop of Saskatoon
The Right Rev. G.P. Gower, Bishop of New Westminster
The Right Rev. G.N. Luxton, Bishop of Huron
The Right Rev. I.A. Norris, Bishop of Brandon
The Right Rev. H.R. Hunt, Suffragan Bishop of Toronto
The Right Rev. R.L. Seaborn, Assistant Bishop of Newfoundland
The Very Rev. E.B.N. Cochran
The Very Rev. H.L. Nutter
The Ven. D.P. Watney
The Rev. Canon Leslie Hunt
The Rev. Dr. E.R. Fairweather
The Rev. Dr. H.H. Walsh
The Rev. Dr. J.C. Kirby
The Rev. Canon R.R. Latimer
The Rev. Canon A.H. Davis
The Rev. Canon K.H.M. Creal
The Rev. Canon W.E. Hobbs
The Rev. M.P. Wilkinson
Mr. J.R. Ligertwood
Mr. Eric Freeman
Lt.-Col. M.L. Douglas
Mr. J.O. Elton
Judge J.E. Hudson
Dr. A.B. Lucas
Mr. B.G. Robinson
Mrs. J. Robertson
Mrs. R.H. Soward
A Committee has given much time to a consideration of a revision of the Constitution, bringing into focus the aims, work and procedures of the Council.
The Anglican Church was fully represented at the Annual Consultation on International Affairs, held in Ottaws in February 1964.
Delegates were nominated by the M.S.C.C. and C.S.S. to the Consultation on China, June 25th to 27th, 1964.
The grant to the Canadian Council of $6.678 was the full amount requested, in addition to which your Committee contributed $2,184 to the Canadian School of Missions and Ecumenical Institute. The annual grant of $670.00 was made to the Protestant-Roman Catholic Committee.
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Gallagher, William James, 1894-1964
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