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Reception of the Nominating Committee Report
1973 May
General Synod. Minutes
Record Type
Act 70
1973 May
General Synod. Minutes
Record Type
Act 70
Archdeacon C.M. Starr
Canon D.W. Roberts
Archdeacon C.M. Starr completed his Report for the Nominating Committee, giving membership on committees of the National Executive Council, committees of General Synod, Pension Fund and Canadian Churchman.
THAT the Report of the Nominating Committee be adopted.
Program Committee:
- The Ven. L.F. Hatfield (N.S.)
- The Rev. E.K. Clarke (Mont)
- Canon J.H. Fricker (Niag)
- The Rev. R.H. Hobbs (Ot)
Rupert's Land:
- Mr. D.R. Smith (R.L.)
- The Very Rev. J.F.S. Conlin (B)
British Columbia:
- The Rev. J.C. Blyth (Caled)
- Mrs. M. Murray (N.W.)
Long Range Planning Committee:
- Canon M.G. Magor (Mont)
- The Rt. Rev. R.K. Maguie (Mont)
- The Ven. M.C. Robinson (H)
- Mr. G.D. Daunt (H)
- Mr. Clay Gault (B)
- Mr. A.G. Moffat (R.L.)
- The Very Rev. T.H. O'Driscoll (N.W.)
- The Very Rev. J.S.P. Snowden (Car)
Administration and Finance:
- Canada:
- Mr. F.R. Boardman (Mont)
- Mr. E.H. Fisher (N.S.)
- The Ven. E. Rigby (Niag)
- Chancellor R.H. Soward (T)
- The Rt. Rev. W.G. Burch (Ed)
- Mr. A.D. Castle (Calg)
- Mr. J.W. McPherrin (B.C.)
- Mr. H.D. Arnold (Ko)
The National Executive Council elects five members to each committee from its membership and five other members to each committee who are not necessarily members of either General Synod or the Council.
The Nominating Committee submitted nominations for these positions to the Primate for presentation to the National Executive Council for its consideration.
General Synod elects 20 persons, not less than 12 of whom shall be members of Synod, and of these at least 1 shall be from each of the four Provinces. The remainder need not be members of Synod.
Organization Committee
- Mrs. W.A. Bell (R.L.)
- The Rt. Rev. J.C. Bothwell (Niag)
- The Rt. Rev. H.G. Cook (Mac)
- The Most Rev. W.W. Davis (N.S.)
- Mr. F.D. Gibson (T)
- The Very Rev. A. Goodings (Que)
- Chancellor J.H.C. Harradence (Skwn)
- The Rev. Canon H. St.C. Hilchey (Mont)
- Mr. G.C. Hodge (N.W.)
- Judge J.E. Hudson (N.S.)
- The Very Rev. R.E. Ivany (Ed)
- The Rev. Canon J. Jeffries (Skwn)
- Chancellor H.B. King (Car)
- The Very Rev. R.E. Lundy (Ke)
- Mrs. D.J. Maybee (Ont)
- Lt. Col. D.S. Mitchell (B.C.)
- Mrs. L.J. Patterson (H)
- The Rev. J.T. Pilling (Qu'A)
- The Ven. C.M. Starr (Calg)
- The Rt. Rev. T.M. Wilkinson (B)
Doctrine and Worship Committee
- The Rev. Canon A.G. Baker (H)
- Rt. Rev. R.E.F. Berry (Ko)
- The Rev. E.S. Bull (T)
- The Very Rev. D.J. Carter (Calg)
- The Rev. O.W. Coffin (Nfld.)
- The Rev. D.P. Crawley (R.L.)
- The Rev. P.W. Davison (N.W.)
- Dr. J.R.H. Dempster (N.W.)
- The Rt. Rev. J.T. Frame (Y)
- The Rt. Rev. F.R. Gartrell (B.C.)
- Mr. J.M. Hattersley (Ed)
- The Rev. P.S. Lucas (Qu'A)
- The Ven. R.H. Murphy (F)
- The Very Rev. J.H. McMulkin (Skwn)
- Mrs. R.K. Naylor (Mont)
- The Rt. Rev. H.L. Nutter (F)
- The Rt. Rev. H.V.R. Short (Skwn)
- Mr. F.W. Slingerland (Que)
- The Rev. P.M. Tett (Ont)
- The Very Rev. B.W. Whitlow (B.C.)
Inter-Church Relations Committee:
- Mr. P.J. Andrewes (N.S.)
- The Rev. Canon G.B. Baker (B.C.)
- Dr. E.W. Balcom (N.S.)
- The Rev. Canon C.H. Butler (B.C.)
- The Rev. Canon I. Caton (Skon)
- Miss S. Clay (Caled)
- The Rev. E.D. Eldridge (N.W.)
- The Rev. Canon E.R. Fairweather (T)
- The Very Rev. R.G. Fleming (Ont)
- The Rt. Rev. D.A. Ford (Skon)
- The Rev. Canon T.L. Leadbetter (Ed)
- Prof. D.C. Masters (Niag)
- The Rev. J.G. McCausland (Al)
- The Rt. Rev. R.G. Pierce (Ath)
- The Rt. Rev. W.J. Robinson (Ot)
- The Very Rev. G.C.C. Scovil (Moos)
- The Rt. Rev. R.L. Seaborn (Nfld)
- Dr. T. Steeves (Skon)
- The Rev. Canon D.D.G. Tatchell (Calg)
- The Most Rev. W.L. Wright (Al)
Committee on Ministry:
- Mr. B. Arreak (Ar)
- The Rev. Canon H.W. Buchner (T)
- The Ven. A. Cuthand (R.L.)
- Mr. B. Dench (Al)
- The Ven. C.R. Elliott (N.S.)
- The Rt. Rev. D.W. Hambidge (Caled)
- Mr. A.W. Harding (Car)
- The Rev. D.W. Luxton (Niag)
- Mr. J. Merrett (T)
- The Ven. J.G. Morden (H)
- Miss M. Niven (T)
- The Rt. Rev. A.A. Read (T)
- Miss R. Scott (B.C.)
- The Very Rev. R.F. Shepherd (Mont)
- The Rt. Rev. T.D. Somerville (N.W.)
- The Rt. Rev. H.V. Stiff (Ke)
- The Rev. R.B. Stockall (F)
- The Rt. Rev. J.A. Watton (Moos)
- The Ven. D.H. Whitbread (Ar)
- The Ven. G.S. Woolsey (Ke)
- General Synod elects 2 bishops, 2 clergy and 2 laymen from among its members.
- The Rt. Rev. M.L. Goodman (Calg)
- The Ven. E.R. Haddon (Al)
- The Rev. Canon R.K. McKean (T)
- Mr. W.R. Kay (T)
- V/A H.S. Rayner (Ot)
General Synod elects, from its number, 2 bishops, 4 clergy and 4 laymen.
- The Rt. Rev. T.J. Matthews (Que)
- The Rev. J.E. O'Neil (T)
- The Rev. R.P.L.F. Playfair (Ot)
- Mr. G. Campbell (Mont)
- Mr. W.M. Wadley (Al)
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