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Anglicanism : a global communion
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Book : Paper
Trinity College (Graham Library)
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BX 5005 A55 1998
New York NY
Church Publishing
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xx, 416 p. ; 23.3 x 14.7 cm.
Material Type
Book : Paper
"Edited by Andrew Wingate, Kevin Ward, Carrie Pemberton [and] Wilson Sitshebo".
Foreword by George L. Carey the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Includes bibliographical references.
A collection of 75 essays by 86 contributors "compiled by the Centre for Anglican Communion Studies at the Selly Oak Colleges" (Foreword, p. v).
Contents are divided into five main sections: "The Church in worship, spirituality and theology" -- The life of the church -- The Church in society -- Mission of the Church -- The Church and the future and intended to "show to fellow-Anglicans and ecumenical friends the breadth of experience and reflection taking place throughout the worldwide Communion." -- Intro. p. 1.
Contents of introductory section include: Salvation and other faiths : An Anglican perspective / Andrew Wingate -- The development of Anglicanism as a global communion / Kevin Ward -- Five years in : where are women in the Church of England / Carrie Pemberton and Christina Rees -- How African Anglicans deal with death, funerals and bereavement / Wilson T. Sitshebo.
Contents of section one include: African Anglicans and/or Pentecostals / Allan Anderson -- First Nations spirituality and the Anglican Church in Canada / Joyce Carlson -- Where God still walks in the garden : religious orders and the development of the Anglican Church in the South Pacific / Richard A. Carter -- Celtic spirituality : a contribution to the worldwide Anglican Communion ? / Esther de Waal -- An Anglican's view of the Bible in an East African context / Griphus Gakuru -- Inclusivity, language and worship / Kwok Pui-lan -- Anglican Christianity and communication of the gospel through the arts in Myanmar / Edward Saw Marks -- Death has come to reveal the faith : spirituality in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan amidst civil conflict / Marc Nikkel -- An African Anglican's view of salvation / John S. Pobee -- Anglican spirituality and worship among the Maori people / Tiki Raumati.
Contents of section two include: Anglicanism in Jerusalem / Riah Abu El-Assal -- Anglicanism and the Aladura Churches in Nigeria / Afe Adogame and Akin Omoyajowo -- L'Eglise Anglicane du Congo: une province francophone / Georges Titre Ande -- Jubilee: a call to renew the Church of South India after 50 years / J. Russell Chandran -- The role of the Archbishop of Canterbury within the Anglican Communion / Andrew Deuchar -- Why have an Anglican Church on mainland Europe ? / John Hind -- Youth exchanges: opportunities for young people to experience the Anglican Communion / Paula Hollingsworth -- Alternative patterns for ministry: North and Central America / John L. Kater, Jr. -- The experience of African Americans within ECUSA and their contributions to the past, present and future / Harold T. Lewis -- Being Anglican in a pluralist society / Gordon Light -- Anglicans in the non-English world of South America / Jaci Maraschin -- Australia: the last of lands / James Minchin -- "Anglicane ? Qu'est-ce que c'est ?": an experience of francophone Anglicans / Tim Naish -- Anglican models for theological education in Southern Africa / Livingstone Lubabalu Ngewu and Luke Lungile Pato -- Anglicanism in West Malaysia / Eddie Ong -- Anglicanism and the Church of South India / P. Victor Premasagar -- New wine, old wineskins: a look at possibilities for a rural diocese in a changing society / Oswald Swartz -- Reflections from ecumenical partners: A Roman Catholic view: the Anglican Church: federation or communion ? / Harcourt Blackett -- A Methodist looks at worldwide Anglicanism / Diane Clutterbuck -- A Lutheran looks at worldwide Anglicanism / Aasulv Lande.
Contents of section three include: An Anglican view of ecological issues in the Australian context / Christabel Chamarette -- Minority ethnic Anglicans in Britain / Glynne Gordon-Carter -- A South Africa reflection on the issue of homosexuality in the Anglican Communion / James GaOfenngwe Keetile -- "A sanctuary and a light" ? : The Scottish Churches respond to violence against women / Lesley Macdonald -- Church and state in Lesotho: reflections of a retired bishop / Philip Mokuku -- Resisting vumilia theology: the Church and violence against women in Kenya / Esther Mombo -- A Structural Adjustment Programme and its effect on the Zambian people and the Zambian Church / Robert Mumbi -- Male circumcision (imablu) among the Bagisu of Uganda and the mission of the church / Beatrice Musindi -- Spirituality and sexuality: Christians and sexual behaviour today / Michael Nazir-Ali -- Youth and the Anglican Church in Madagascar / J. Bruno Ndriamahafahana -- The Church as a source of identity: reflection from the Caribbean / Las Newman -- Polygamy in the African Church today: a Kenyan woman's perspective / Edith Njoki Njiri -- Township women united in prayer / Martha Nkoane -- Refugees and worldwide Anglicanism / M. Louise Pirouet -- Women within Church and society in India / Krupaveni Prakasha Rao and Julie Lipp-Nathaniel -- Living as a minority in Pakistan / Mano Ramalshah -- The healing ministry of the Anglican Church: medical work through institutions / Fannie H. Storr -- Childhood challenges: key issues affecting children and young people throughout the Anglican Communion / Sally Thompson -- Working with women in the Congo / Emma Wild -- Corrymeela: healing the division / Trevor Williams.
Contents of section four include: All about Eve: woman of Africa / Brigalia Bam -- A vision for theological education in North America / Martha Horne -- Women, Church and ministry in the coming decade / Penny Jamieson -- Beyond revival: a proposal for mission in the Church of Uganda into the third millennium / Amos Kasibante -- The Nippon Sei Ko Kai today and its future task / Samuel Isamu Koshiishi -- A vision for the religious orders in the Anglican Communion in the next century / Una Kroll -- The Mothers' Union of the future / edited by Barbara Laws and Louise Vincer -- A vision for a Church in jubilee: the Anglican Church and social justice in the next millennium / Njongonkulu Ndungane -- The theological and mission tasks facing Hong Kong Anglicans in the years of reunification with China after 1997 / Michael Poon -- Revisioning our Church as a community of belonging: a task for all / Peter B. Price -- The future of the mission agency / Diana Witts -- A vision for the Anglican contribution in the minority context of Korea over the next decade / Jeremiah Guen Seok Yang -- Afterword / George L. Carey.
Contributors include two Canadians: Joyce Carlson and Gordon Light.
Added Entry
Wingate, Andrew (Andrew David Carlile), 1944-
Pemberton, Carrie
Sitshebo, Wilson T. (Wilson Timothy), 1952-2008
Ward, Kevin, 1947-
Centre for Anglican Communion Studies (CEFACS)
Abu El-Assal, Riah (Riah Hanna), 1937-
Adogame, Afe, 1964-
Anderson, Allan
Andre, Georges Titre
Aruldoss, J.
Bam, Brigalia H. (Brigalia Hlophe), 1933-
Blackett, Harcourt
Carlson, Joyce Clouston, 1949-
Carter, Richard A. (Richard Anthony), 1959-
Chamarette, Christabel, 1948-
Chandran, J. Russell (Joshua Russell), 1918-2000
Clutterbuck, Diane, 1952-
Carey, George L. (George Leonard), 1935-
de Waal, Esther
Deen, Pervez
Deen, Rina
Deuchar, Andrew (Andrew Gilchrist), 1955-
Gakuru, Griphus, 1959-
Gordon-Carter, Glynne (Glynne Elizabeth Patricia), 1942-
Heath. Martin
Hind, John (John William), 1945-
Hollingsworth, Paula
Horne, Martha
Jamieson, Penny (Penelope Ann Bansall), 1942-
Kasibante, Amos (Amos Sebadduka), 1954-
Kater, John L. (John Luther), 1941-
Keetile, James GaOfenngwe
Koshiishi, Samuel Isamu
Kroll, Una, 1925-
Kwok, Pui-lan, 1952-
Lande, Aasulv
Lawes, Barbara
Lewis, Harold T. (Harold Thomas), 1947-
Light, Gordon S. (Gordon Stanley), 1944-
Lipp-Nathaniel, Julie (Julie Christiane), 1941-
Macdonald, Lesley
Maraschin, Jaci C. (Jaci Correia), 1929-2009
Marks, Edward Saw
Minchin, James
Mokuku, Philip (Philip Stanley), 1935-
Mombo, Esther, 1957-
Mumbi, Robert
Musindi, Beatrice (Beatrice Nambuya Balibali), 1964-
Naish, Tim (Timothy James Neville), 1957-
Nazir-Ali, Michael (Michael James), 1949-
Ndriamahafahana, J. Bruno
Ndungane, W.H. Njongonkulu (Winston Hugh Njongonkulu), 1941-
Newman, Las
Ngewu, Livingstone Lubabalo, 1950-2012
Nikkel, Marc R., 1950-2000
Njiri, Edith Njoki
Nkoane, Martha
Okeke, Ken (Ken Sandy Edozio), 1941-
Okorocha, Cyril C. (Cyril Chukwunonyerem), 1948-
Oliver de Wallis, Helena
Omoyajowo, Akin
Ong, Eddie
Pato, Luke Lungile, 1949-
Peiris, Jayasiri
Pirouet, Louise (Margaret Mary Louise), 1928-2012
Pobee, John S. (John Samuel), 1937-
Poon, Michael (Michael Nai-Chiu)
Premasagar, P. Victor (Peddi Victor), 1927-2005
Price, Peter (Peter Bryan), 1944-
Rao, Krupaveni Prakasha
Raumati, Tiki
Rumalshah, Mano (Munawar Kenneth), 1941-
Selvanayagam, Israel, 1951-
Storr, Fannie H.
Swartz, Oswald
Thompson, Sally
Vincer, Louise
Wild, Emma
Williams, Trevor
Witts, Diana (Diana Katharine), 1936-2006
Yang, Jeremiah Guen Seok
Anglican Communion
Salvation - Anglican Communion
Christianity and other religions - Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion - History
Women clergy - Church of England
Death - Zimbabwe
Death - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of Central Africa
Pentecostalism - Africa
Pentecostalism - Anglican Communion
Indigenous peoples - Canada - Anglican Church of Canada
Monasticism and religious orders, Anglican - Church of the Province of Melanesia
Melanesian Brotherhood
Spirituality - Celtic Church
Bible - Criticism, interpretation, etc. - Church of the Province of Uganda
Inclusive language - Anglican Communion
Liturgical renewal - Anglican Communion
Evangelism - Church of the Province of Myanmar
Spirituality - Episcopal Church of The Sudan
Sudan - Politics and government - 1985-
Christianity and culture - Anglican Communion
Christianity and culture - Africa
Maori (New Zealand people) - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. Diocese of Jerusalem
Church of the Province of Nigeria - History
African independent churches - Nigeria
Church of the Province of Congo
Church of South India
Church of England. Archbishop of Canterbury
Anglican Communion - Structure
Anglican Communion - Europe
Exchange of persons programs - Anglican Communion
Youth - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Ministry - Episcopal Church
Total ministry - Episcopal Church
Black Episcopalians
African-Americans - Religious aspects
Afro-American Episcopalians
Multiculturalism - Canada
Multiculturalism - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion - South America
Anglican Church of Australia
Anglicans, French-speaking
Church of the Province of Congo. Diocese of Shaba
Theological education - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Theological seminaries - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia. Diocese of West Malaysia
Anglican Communion - Relations - Church of South India
Church of the Province of Southern Africa - 20th century
Church of the Province of Southern Africa - Structure
Ecology - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of Australia
Minorities - Great Britain
Minorities - Religious aspects - Church of England
Black Anglicans - Church of England
Homosexuality - South Africa
Homosexuality - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Violence against women - Scotland
Violence against women - Religious aspects - Scottish Episcopal Church
Church and state - Lesotho - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Lesotho - Politics and government
Violence against women - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of Kenya
Structural adjustment (Economic policy) - Zambia
Economic justice - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of Central Africa
Christianity and culture - Church of the Province of Uganda
Christianity and culture - Uganda
Sex - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Youth - Madagascar
Youth - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
Christianity and culture - Caribbean Area
Polygamy - Africa
Polygamy - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of Kenya
Women in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Refugees - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Refugees - Sudan
Women's rights - India
Women in the Church of South India
Christians - Pakistan
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Church of Pakistan
Church of Pakistan
Health - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Healing - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Missions, Medical - Anglican Communion
Children - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Women in the Church of the Province of the Congo
Corrymeela Community
Violence - Ireland
Dalits - Religious aspects - Christianity
Education - Religious aspects - Church of North India
St. John's College (Agra, India)
Church of Bangladesh
Christianity and culture - Church in Wales
World Conference on Mission and Evangelism (1996 : Salvador, Brazil)
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Church of the Province of West Africa
Evangelism - Anglican Communion
Indigenous peoples - Argentina
Indigenous peoples - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America
Church of Ceylon
Christianity and other religions - Buddhism - Church of Ceylon
Christianity and other religions - Hinduism - Church of Ceylon
Christianity and other religions - Sri Lanka
Christianity and other religions - Hinduism - Church of South India
Women - Africa
Women - South Africa
Theological education - United States
Theological education - Episcopal Church
Ordination of women - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Ordination of women - Anglican Communion
Priesthood - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Priesthood - Anglican Communion
Ministry - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Church of the Province of Uganda - 20th century
Holy Catholic Church in Japan (Nippon Sei Ko Kai) - 20th century
Monasticism and religious orders, Anglican
Mothers' Union - Anglican Communion
Poverty - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Poverty - South Africa
Poverty - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
Hong Kong - Relations - China
Missions - Societies, etc. - Anglican Communion
Anglican Church of Korea
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Call Number
BX 5005 A55 1998
Trinity College (Graham Library)
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