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Anglican Congress 1963 : Report of proceedings
Publication Date
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Trinity College (Graham Library)
Call Number
BX 5021 A65 1963
Corporate Author
Anglican Congress (1963 : Toronto, Ont.)
[Toronto ON]
Editorial Committee, Anglican Congress 1963
Publication Date
xv, 312 p ; 21.5 x 14 cm.
Material Type
"Edited by the Rev. E.R. Fairweather".
"Distributed in Canada by The Anglican Book Centre, 600 Jarvis Street, Toronto 5, Ontario. Distributed in Great Britain by S.P.C.K., Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone Rd., London N.W. 1. Distributed in the U.S.A. by The Seabury Press, 825 Second Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10017". -- verso of t.-p.
"Printed and bound in Canada by T.H. Best Printing Company Limited, December 1963". -- verso of t.-p.
Includes bibliographical references.
"The following pages contain what I sincerely hope is a fair account of the Anglican Congress of 1963. In addition to the sermons and formal addresses, reproduced in as accurate and definitive a form as time and circumstances permit. I have included both the group 'findings' as officially reported to the full Congress and a wide selection of informal speeches and comments made in the plenary sessions or sent in from the groups. I have also attempted a brief preliminary interpretation of the Congress as I saw it and felt its impact. It was the express wish of the Editorial Committee that the record of the Toronto Congress should include these elements of personal reporting and commentary and I have tried to carry out my assignment without worrying unduly about the criticisms that such an impressionistic account must necessarily invite". -- Preface, p. xv.
Contents divided into five main parts: Part One: Anglican Congress, 1963 -- Part Two: The Church's Mission to the World -- Part Three: The Church in Action -- Part Four: The Challenge of the Frontiers -- Part Five: After the Congress ... What ?
Contents of prefatory material: Congress Prayer -- Churches of the Anglican Communion -- Table of Contents -- Foreword / The Most Reverend Howard Hewlett Clark -- Preface dated Trinity College, Toronto, Canada, November 15, 1963 / E.R.F.
Contents of Part One: Call to Reformation / The Editor -- The Opening of the Congress: The Congress Assemblies -- Sermons at the Opening Service / Howard Hewlett Clark and Arthur Michael Ramsey.
Contents of Part Two: Theme One: The Church's Mission to the World: On the Religious Frontier -- Theme Address / M.A.C. Warren -- Panel -- Islam / A Kenneth Cragg -- Totalitarianism, Communism, Secularism / Robert R. Browne -- Buddhism / Y. Endo -- Sectarianism and Divided Christendom, the African Situation / C.E. Tuboku-Metzger -- What Was Said Later / A. Kenneth Cragg -- Theme Two: The Church's Mission to the World: On the Political Frontier -- Theme Address / John W. Sadiq -- Panel -- International Affairs / Philip Mason -- Social Justice / A.C. MacInnes -- Racism / T.O. Olufosoye -- Hunger, Poverty, Rapid Social Change / Janet Lacey -- What Was Said Later / C.E. Crowther, Francis T. West, Richard S. Emrich -- Theme Three: The Church's Mission to the World, On the Cultural Frontier -- Theme Address / John Lawrence -- Panel -- Changing Concepts of Man / E.R. Wickham -- The Image of Christianity in the Modern East / Chandu Ray -- Urbanization. Industrialization, Automation / W.G. Pollard -- Mass Society and the Mass Media / Malcolm Boyd -- What Was Said Later / W.G. Pollard, E.R. Wickham, W.G. Pollard, Philip Mason, Janet Lacey.
Contents of Part Three: Mission as Our Common Task / F.D. Coggan -- Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence in the Body of Christ : A Message from the Primates and Metropolitans of the Anglican Communion -- Commentary / A.M. Ramsey, David M. Goto, Richard R. Roseveare, John W. Sadiq, Stephen F. Bayne -- What Was Said Later / Mark Gibbs -- Pictures -- Sermons at the Mass Meeting of Missionary Witness / K.D.W. Anand, Roland Koh, John C. Vockler.
Contents of Part Four: Theme Four: The Challenge of the Frontiers: Training for Action -- Theme Address / F.C. Synge -- Panel -- Theological Education / Alan Richardson -- Stewardship / Richard S. Emrich -- Vocation and Enlistment / E.G. Knapp-Fisher -- Training of the Laity / A.M. Stockwood -- What Was Said Later / F.C. Synge, Alan Richardson, E.G. Knapp-Fisher, W.G.H. Simon, Sospeter Magua, Mpiwa Mbatha, Dale Pederson, Victor G. Shearburn -- Theme Five: The Challenge of the Frontiers: Organizing for Action -- Theme Address / Stephen F. Bayne -- Panel -- Internal Structure and Organization / H.L.J. de Mel -- Manpower / Walter H. Gray -- Strategy / W.G.H. Simon -- Pooling Information and Combined Operations / Peter N. Harvey -- What Was Said Later / Stephen F. Bayne, Peter N. Harvey, F.D. Coggan -- Theme Six: The Vocation of the Anglican Communion -- Theme Address / Howard A. Johnson -- Panel -- The Anglican Communion in Ireland / G.O. Simms -- The Anglican Heritage and the Common Christian Calling / William R. Coleman -- Unity Within the Anglican Communion / H.M. Waddams -- The Anglican Church in the Ecumenical Movement in Pakistan / Priobala Mangat-Rai -- What Was Said Later / J.C. Fowler.
Contents of Part Five: Some Unfinished Business: Notes on the Closing Sessions of the Congress -- Christian Morality / L.J. Beecher, H.L.J. de Mel, R.S. Emrich, Mrs. Ronald Hallifax, Miss A. Devitt -- The Second Vatican Council / C.H.W. de Soysa, James A. Pike, Arthur A. Vogel -- The Closing Day's Business / A.M. Ramsey -- The Congress Message -- The Closing Service: Sermon at the Closing Service / Joost de Blank -- Congress Committees -- List of Delegates -- Directory of Congress Participants.
Added Entry
Fairweather, Eugene R. (Eugene Rathbone), 1920-2002
Anand, Kenneth Daniel Wilson
Bayne, Stephen F. (Stephen Fielding), 1908-1974
Beecher, Leonard James, 1906-1987
Boyd, Malcolm, 1923-2015
Brown, Robert Raymond, 1910-1994
Clark, Howard H. (Howard Hewlett), 1903-1983
Coggan, Donald (Frederick Donald), 1909-2000
Coleman, William Robert, 1917-1992
Cragg, Kenneth (Albert Kenneth), 1913-2012
Crowther, C. Edward (Clarence Edward), 1929-
de Blank, Joost, 1908-1968
de Mel, Lakdasa (Hiyanirindu Lakdasa Jacob), 1902-1976
De Soysa, Charles Harold Wilfred, 1909-1971
Devit, A., Miss
Emrich, Richard S. (Richard Stanley Merrill), 1910-1997
Endo, Yoshimitsu (John Yoshimitsu), 1910-
Fowler, John C.
Gibbs, Mark
Goto, David Makoto, 1910-
Gray, Walter Henry, 1898-1973
Hallifax, Ronald, Mrs.
Harvey, Peter N. (Peter Harold Noel), 1916-1996
Johnson, Howard A. (Howard Albert), 1915-1974
Knapp-Fisher, Edward George, 1915-2003
Koh, Roland, 1908-1972
Lacey, Janet
Lawrence, John W. (John Waldemar), 1907-1999
MacInnes, Campbell (Angus Campbell), 1901-1977
Magua, Sospeter, 1921-1982
Mangat-Rai, Priobala, 1911-
Mason, Philip
Mbatha, Mpiwa
Olufosoye, Timothy Omotayo, 1918-1992
Pederson, Dale
Pike, James A. (James Albert), 1913-1969
Pollard, William Gilbert
Ramsey, Michael (Arthur Michael), 1904-1988
Ray, Chandu , 1923-1983
Richardson, Alan, 1905-1975
Roseveare, Reginald Richard, 1902-1972
Sadiq, John W.
Shearburn, Victor G. (Victor George), 1900-1975
Simms, George Otto, 1910-1991
Simon, William Glyn Hughes, 1903-1972
Stockwood, Mervyn (Arthur Mervyn), 1913-1995
Synge, Francis Charles
Tuboku-Metzger, Constant Ernest
Vockler, John Charles, 1924-2014
Waddams, Herbert Montague, 1911-1972
Warren, Max Alexander Cunningham, 1904-1977
West, Francis T.
Wickham, Edward Ralph, 1911-1994
Anglican Congress (1963 : Toronto, Ont.)
Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence (MRI)
Mission of the church - Anglican Communion
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Anglican Communion
Communism and Christianity - Anglican Communion
Secularism - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Buddhism - Japan
African independent churches
Christianity and politics - Anglican Communion - 20th century
Christianity and international affairs - Anglican Communion - 20th century
Social justice - Anglican Communion
Racism - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Poverty - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion - 20th century
Christianity and culture - Anglican Communion - 20th century
Christianity - Asia - 20th century
Urbanization - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Technology - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Mass media - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Theological education - Anglican Communion
Stewardship, Christian - Anglican Communion
Vocation - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion - Clergy - Training of
Anglican Communion - 20th century
Communication - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion - Information resources
Anglican Communion - Periodicals
Anglican World (Magazine)
Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)
Call Number
BX 5021 A65 1963
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Trinity College (Graham Library)
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The Anglican pulpit to-day : representative sermons by leading preachers of the Anglican Communion
Publication Date
Material Type
Trinity College (Graham Library)
Call Number
BX 5008 A1G5 1953
1st ed.
New York NY
Morehouse-Gorham Co.
Publication Date
235 p. ; 21.7 x 14 cm.
Material Type
"Edited by Frank D. Gifford, Ph.D., S.T.D., Dean of the Divinity School, Philadelphia".
A collection of 42 sermons by Anglicans from around the Communion including five Canadians i.e. Howard H. Clark, Kenneth C. Evans, Robert S. Rayson, Charles E. Riley and George B. Snell.
"In making a survey of preaching in the Anglican Communion to-day one might well expect sermons and preaching methods that differ in various ways from the commonly accepted standards of the Protestant pulpit and from Roman Catholic preaching. In part, this book is designed to afford material for such a study, and to enable the reader to discover for himself just what are the doctrines and ideas being presented and the methods employed by representative preachers today in the Episcopal Church throughout the world. The editor has spent nearly two years in correspondence and preparation, having begun this task because men preparing for the ministry have asked why it was not possible to obtain a book which would present for study and analysis examples of the work of Anglican pulpits to-day". -- Foreword.
Contents: Foreword / Frank D. Gifford -- Ordered Liberty (The Anglican Communion) / Geoffrey F. Fisher -- The Task of the Church (Lambeth Inaugural) / Henry K. Sherrill -- The Suffering of the Blessed Mary (The Virgin Mother) / Michael H. Yashiro -- 'Come, Lord Jesus' (Advent) / John C. Leffler -- The Light of the Gospel (Bible) / Frederick C. Grant -- The Human Life of Jesus / Edwin J. van Etten -- Divine Adventure (Christmas) / Marion L. Matics -- Stars and Wise Men / Frank D. Gifford -- The Unforeseen Factor (The Future) / Austin Pardue -- The Church's Chief Activity (Missions) / Wallace E. Conkling -- Leavening the World (The Church and the World) / Thomas N. Carruthers -- A Potsherd among the Potsherds (Definition of Humanity) / Corwin C. Roach -- The Way of Life / John S. Moyes -- Temptation is not Sin / Stuart B. Babbage -- Three Levels of Life (Instinct, Conscience, Grace) / Samuel M. Shoemaker -- Not Two World but One / Theodore P. Ferris -- `What Think Ye of Christ ?' Alexander R. Vidler -- Holy Communion (The Last Supper) / Charles F. Whiston -- The Position of the Cross / Kenneth C. Evans -- An Easter Sermon / Charles E. Riley -- The Resurrection and the Sacrament / John William Charles Wand -- The Resurrection and Life's Perplexities / John M. Krumm -- `Feed My Sheep' / Edward W. Williamson -- The Nature of Man (Education or Redemption) / A. Mervyn Stockwood -- A Parable of Modern Life / H.A. Evan Hopkins -- Christ as King (Ascension) / Anson P. Stokes -- A Sermon for Whitsunday / Granville M. Williams -- The Life of the Spirit To-day / Charles W. Lowry -- The Profession of Our Faith Today (The Creed) / George B. Snell -- The Queen of the Sciences (Theology) / Vincent C. Franks -- Hiding from God (Adam and Eve) / Theodore O. Wedel -- Grace Received for Service (Baptism, Confirmation, Communion) / C. Avery Mason -- The Book of Common Prayer / Richard S. Emrich -- Angels and Archangels / Albert R. Stuart -- The Glorious Company (The Te Deum) / Robert S. Rayson -- Steps to True Progress / William Thomas Havard -- `What is Man ?' / Thomas H. Tardrew -- The Friend of God (Personal Religion) / Howard H. Clark -- The Belief in Progress / Leslie S. Hunter -- Lift Up Your Heart (Public Worship) / Edgar C. Young -- The Church the Body of Christ / E. Frank Salmon -- A Christian Life / John Heuss.
Added Entry
Gifford, Frank D. (Frank Dean), 1891-
Clark, Howard H. (Howard Hewlett), 1903-1983
Evans, Kenneth C. (Kenneth Charles), 1903-1970
Rayson, Robert S. (Robert Spencer), 1895-1992
Riley, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1883-1972
Snell, George Boyd, 1907-2006
Babbage, Stuart B. (Stuart Barton), 1916-2012
Carruthers, Thomas N. (Thomas Neely), 1900-1960
Conkling, Wallace E. (Wallace Edmonds), 1896-1967
Emrich, Richard S. (Richard Stanley Merrill), 1910-1997
Ferris, Theodore P. (Theodore Parker), 1908-1972
Fisher, Geoffrey Francis, 1887-1972
Franks, Vincent C. (Vincent Chesley), 1891-1974
Grant, Frederick C. (Frederick Clifton), 1891-1974
Havard, W. Thomas
Heuss, John, 1908-1966
Hopkins, H.A. Evan (Hugh Alexander Evan), 1907-1994
Hunter, Leslie S. (Leslie Stannard), 1890-1983
Krumm, John M. (John McGill), 1913-1995
Leffler, John C. (John Compton), 1900-1987
Lowry, Charles W. (Charles Wesley), 1905-1998
Mason, C. Avery (Charles Avery), 1904-1970
Matics, Marion L. (Marion Leonidas), 1917-1998
Moyes, John Stoward, 1884-1972
Pardue, Austin, 1899-1981
Roach, Corwin C. (Corwin Carlyle), 1904-1989
Salmon, E. Frank, 1884-1979
Sherrill, Henry Knox, 1890-1980
Shoemaker, Samuel Moor, 1893-1963
Stockwood, Mervyn (Arthur Mervyn), 1913-1995
Stokes, Anson Phelps, 1874-1958
Stuart, Albert R.
Tardrew, Thomas H.
van Etten, Edwin J. (Edwin Jan), 1884-1956
Vidler, Alexander Roper (Alec), 1899-1991
Wand, J.W.C. (John William Charles), 1885-1977
Wedel, Theodore Otto, 1892-1970
Whiston, Charles F. (Charles Francis), 1900-1992
Williams, Granville Mercer, 1889-1980
Williamson, Edward W.
Yashiro, Michael H. (Michael Hinsuke), 1900-1970
Young, Edgar C. (Edgar Charles), 1887-1965
Anglican Communion - Sermons
Sermons, English
Anglican Church of Canada - Sermons
Call Number
BX 5008 A1G5 1953
Trinity College (Graham Library)
Less detail

Moral problems : questions on Christianity with answers by prominent churchmen
Publication Date
Material Type
Trinity College (Graham Library)
Call Number
BJ 1251 M67
Publication Date
xi, 123 p. ; 18.5 x 12.6 cm.
Material Type
"With a foreword by the Bishop of Croydon".
"First published in 1952". -- verso of t.-p.
"The occasion of the book is the Mission to the Royal Air Force to be held in November, 1952. But it is hoped that its usefulness will be far more general. The world today is a dangerous place. The Christian Church is confronted by ruthless enemies and by an insidious, relentless ideology of atheistic materialism. No can afford to stand aside." -- Preface, p. iii.
Contents: Preface / Cuthbert Croydon i.e. Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Croydon -- List of Authors -- List of [30] Questions and [24] Contributors -- Moral Problems: Questions and Answers on Christianity.
Contents of Moral Problems: [1] I feel that religion is at the back of all moral problems, but what is religion ? / G.F. Fisher -- [2] How can God be concerned with such an insignificant person as myself ? The untold millions of the world's inhabitants, and above all the immensities of the Universe, make the idea seem fantastic / John Whitworth Jones -- [3] How can Christian doctrines about miracles be true after all we learn from modern science ? / C.A. Coulson -- [4] If the world is in chaos after nearly 2,000 years of Christianity, has not Christianity failed ? / J.W.C. Wand -- [5] What is the attitude of the Church to the Colour problem ? / Walter J. Carey -- [6] Is suicide wrong in any circumstances ? / Lindsay Dewar -- [7] If two people are unhappily married, with no children, why does the Church oppose their divorce ? / Mrs. Geoffrey F. [i.e. Rosamond] Fisher -- [8] If the Church is against divorce, should it not take definite steps to make sure that the parties are suited before marrying them ? / P.M. Herbert -- [9] Should the Church ever interfere in politics, or should it confine itself to the spiritual sphere ? / J.W.C. Wand -- [10] Does Christianity condemn the 'profit motive' ? / J.V. Langmead Casserley -- [11] Is not compulsory sterilization justified to prevent reproduction of degenerate types ? / Roger W. Pilkington --[12] Is birth control really wrong ? / Hugh C. Warner -- [13] What is the Church of England view about saving mother or child in the period of gestation, if it is a case of choice ? / Lindsay Dewar -- [14] Is not Communism merely 'advanced socialism', and if so, why is it condemned ? / Mervyn Stockwood -- [15] Why does the Church, while condemning Communism, allow the Dean of Canterbury and other ministers to hold their offices ? / Gordon Crosse -- [16] Would Disestablishment of the Church of England be a good thing ? / Wilfred Lindsell -- [17] Why is there such disunity among Christians ? / Francis H. House -- [18] Is Pacifism more in line with Christ's teaching than armed resistance ? / Charles Smyth -- [19] Should Christians reject the use of the atom bomb in all circumstances as being unchristian and wicked ? / G.B. Bentley -- [20] Is euthanasia never right in the case of patients with a painful and incurable disease, or those in agony from disabling wounds ? / P.M. Herbert -- [21] Is not compulsion in matters of worship wrong ? / C.K.N. Bardsley -- [22] Why is it wrong for unmarried people to have sexual intercourse ? / G.B. Bentley -- [23] If the father of an illegitimate child is a bachelor, is he not morally bound to marry the unmarried mother ? / Hugh C. Warner -- [24] I want my child to be properly brought up, but is religious teaching necessary ? Can't it choose for itself later on ? / Enid Blyton (Mrs. K.F. Darrell Waters) -- [25] If my neighbour is an honest unbeliever, should I respect his sincerity, or is it my duty as a Christian to interfere and try and win him to the Faith ? / Gilbert Stephenson -- [26] As a married man in a job, what is the good of my becoming a Christian when I can't possibly live up to Christ's ideal standard ? / John Betjeman -- [27] Are football pools an evil ? / G.A. Ellison -- [28] Though chronic gambling is an obvious evil, is it wrong to have a modest flutter ? / Hugh Ross Williamson -- [29] Does the Church condemn Sunday amusements, such as the cinema ? / C.K.N. Bardsley -- [30] What is the best way of training young people in moral problems, especially with regard to sex education ? / F. Spencer Chapman.
Colophon: Printed in Great Britain by A.R. Mowbray & Co. Limited in the City of Oxford 2247. -- verso of t.-p.
Added Entry
Bardsley, Cuthbert Killick Norman, 1907-1991
Bentley, Geoffrey Bryan, 1909-1996
Betjeman, John, 1906-1984
Blyton, Enid Mary, 1897-1968
Carey, Walter Julius, 1875-1955
Casserley, J.V. (Julian Victor Langmead), 1909-1978
Chapman, F. Spencer (Frederick Spencer), 1907-1971
Coulson, Charles Alfred, 1910-1974
Crosse, Gordon, 1874-
Dewar, Lindsay, 1891-1976
Ellison, Gerald Alexander, 1910-1992
Fisher, Geoffrey Francis, 1887-1972
Fisher, Rosamond Chevallier Forman, 1890-1986
Herbert, Percy Mark, 1885-1968
House, Francis Harry, 1908-2004
Lindsell, Wilfrid Gordon, 1884-1973
Pilkington, Roger W.
Smyth, Charles Hugh Egerton, 1903-1987
Stephenson, Gilbert Owen, 1878-1972
Stockwood, Mervyn (Arthur Mervyn), 1913-1995
Wand, J.W.C. (John William Charles), 1885-1977
Warner, Hugh Compton, d. 1956
Williamson, Hugh Ross, 1901-1978
Christian ethics
Christianity - 20th century
Christian ethics - Anglican authors
Miracles - Church of England
Religion and science - Church of England
Racism - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Racism - Religious aspects - Church of England
Suicide - Religious aspects - Church of England
Euthanasia - Religious aspects - Church of England
Divorce - Religious aspects - Church of England
Marriage - Religious aspects - Church of England
Christianity and politics - Church of England
Capitalism - Religious aspects - Church of England
Sterilization (Birth control) - Religious aspects - Church of England
Bioethics - Religious aspects - Church of England
Birth control - Religious aspects - Church of England
Human reproduction - Moral and ethical aspects
Communism and Christianity
Church of England - Establishment and disestablishment
Christian union - 20th century
Ecumenical movement - 20th century
Pacifism - Religious aspects - Church of England
Nuclear disarmament - Religious aspects - Church of England
Nuclear warfare - Religious aspects - Church of England
Christian education - Church of England
Sex - Religious aspects - Church of England
Sexual ethics - Religious aspects - Church of England
Sex instruction - Religious aspects - Church of England
Gambling - Religious aspects - Church of England
Sunday legislation - Religious aspects - Church of England
Call Number
BJ 1251 M67
Trinity College (Graham Library)
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