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Anglicanism : a global communion
Publication Date
Material Type
Book : Paper
Trinity College (Graham Library)
Call Number
BX 5005 A55 1998
New York NY
Church Publishing
Publication Date
xx, 416 p. ; 23.3 x 14.7 cm.
Material Type
Book : Paper
"Edited by Andrew Wingate, Kevin Ward, Carrie Pemberton [and] Wilson Sitshebo"..
Includes bibliographical references.
A collection of 75 essays by 86 contributors "compiled by the Centre for Anglican Communion Studies at the Selly Oak Colleges" -- Foreword, p. v.
Contents are divided into six main sections: "" -- The life of the church -- The Church in society -- Mission of the Church -- The Church and the future and intended to "show to fellow-Anglicans and ecumenical friends the breadth of experience and reflection taking place throughout the worldwide Communion." -- Intro. p. 1.
Contents of introductory section: Foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury / George L. Carey -- The Contributors -- Editors' Introduction / Andrew Wingate, Kevin Ward, Carrie Pemberton, Wilson Sitshebo -- Salvation and other faiths: An Anglican perspective / Andrew Wingate -- The development of Anglicanism as a global communion / Kevin Ward -- Five years in: where are women in the Church of England ? / Carrie Pemberton and Christina Rees -- How African Anglicans deal with death, funerals and bereavement / Wilson T. Sitshebo.
Contents of Section One: The Church in worship, spirituality and theology: African Anglicans and/or Pentecostals / Allan Anderson -- First Nations spirituality and the Anglican Church in Canada / Joyce Carlson -- Where God still walks in the garden: religious orders and the development of the Anglican Church in the South Pacific / Richard A. Carter -- Celtic spirituality: a contribution to the worldwide Anglican Communion ? / Esther de Waal -- An Anglican's view of the Bible in an East African context / Griphus Gakuru -- Inclusivity, language and worship / Kwok Pui-lan -- Anglican Christianity and communication of the gospel through the arts in Myanmar / Edward Saw Marks -- Death has come to reveal the faith: spirituality in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan amidst civil conflict / Marc Nikkel -- An African Anglican's view of salvation / John S. Pobee -- Anglican spirituality and worship among the Maori people / Tiki Raumati.
Contents of Section Two: The life of the Church: Anglicanism in Jerusalem / Riah Abu El-Assal -- Anglicanism and the Aladura Churches in Nigeria / Afe Adogame and Akin Omoyajowo -- L'Eglise Anglicane du Congo: une province francophone / Georges Titre Ande -- Jubilee: a call to renew the Church of South India after 50 years / J. Russell Chandran -- The role of the Archbishop of Canterbury within the Anglican Communion / Andrew Deuchar -- Why have an Anglican Church on mainland Europe ? / John Hind -- Youth Exchanges: opportunities for young people to experience the Anglican Communion / Paula Hollingsworth -- Alternative patterns for ministry: North and Central America / John L. Kater, Jr. -- The experience of African Americans within ECUSA and their contributions to the past, present and future / Harold T. Lewis -- Being Anglican in a pluralist society: a Canadian perspective / Gordon Light -- Anglicans in the non-English world of South America / Jaci Maraschin -- Australia: the last of lands / James Minchin -- 'Anglicane ? Qu'est-ce que c'est ?': an experience of francophone Anglicans / Tim Naish -- Anglican models for theological education in Southern Africa / Livingstone Lubabalu Ngewu and Luke Lungile Pato -- Anglicanism in West Malaysia / Eddie Ong -- Anglicanism and the Church of South India / P. Victor Premasagar -- New wine, old wineskins: a look at possibilities for a rural diocese in a changing society / Oswald Swartz -- Reflections from ecumenical partners: A Roman Catholic view: the Anglican Church: Federation or Communion ? / Harcourt Blackett -- A Methodist looks at worldwide Anglicanism / Diane Clutterbuck -- A Lutheran looks at worldwide Anglicanism / Aasulv Lande.
Contents of Section Three: The church in society: An Anglican view of ecological issues in the Australian context / Christabel Chamarette -- Minority ethnic Anglicans in Britain / Glynne Gordon-Carter -- A South African reflection on the issue of homosexuality in the Anglican Communion / James GaOfenngwe Keetile -- 'A sanctuary and a light' ?: The Scottish Churches respond to violence against women / Lesley Macdonald -- Church and state in Lesotho: reflections of a retired bishop / Philip Mokuku -- Resisting 'vumilia' theology: the Church and violence against women in Kenya / Esther Mombo -- A Structural Adjustment Programme and its effect on the Zambian people and the Zambian Church / Robert Mumbi -- Male circumcision ('imbalu') among the Bagisu of Uganda and the mission of the church / Beatrice Musindi -- Spirituality and sexuality: Christians and sexual behaviour today / Michael Nazir-Ali -- Youth and the Anglican Church in Madagascar / J. Bruno Ndriamahafahana -- The Church as a source of identity: reflection from the Caribbean / Las Newman -- Polygamy in the African Church today: a Kenyan woman's perspective / Edith Njoki Njiri -- Township women united in prayer / Martha Nkoane -- Refugees and worldwide Anglicanism / M. Louise Pirouet -- Women within Church and society in India / Krupaveni Prakasha Rao and Julie Lipp-Nathaniel -- Living as a minority in Pakistan / Mano Ramalshah -- The healing ministry of the Anglican Church: medical work through institutions / Fannie H. Storr -- Childhood challenges: key issues affecting children and young people throughout the Anglican Communion / Sally Thompson -- Working with women in the Congo / Emma Wild -- Corrymeela: healing the division / Trevor Williams.
Contents of Section Four: Mission in the Church: Dalits and salvation / J. Aruldoss -- Anglican educational institutions and the mission of the Church / Pervez Deen and Rina Deen -- Towards a wider world: partnership and the Church of Bangladesh / Martin Heath -- 'Called to one Hope: the Gospel in diverse cultures': reflections from the perspective of the Church in Wales / Enid R. Morgan -- The Anglican debate in West Africa on Christian-Muslim relations / Ken Okeke -- Evangelism n the Anglican Communion: an overview / Cyril Okorocha -- The mission of the Anglican Church among the indigenous peoples of northern Argentina / Helena Oliver de Wallis -- The Church in Sri Lanka and relations with other faiths / Jayasiri Peiris -- Anglicans and inter-faith relations: a historical retrospect / Israel Selvanayagam.
Contents of Section Five: The Church and the future: All about Eve: woman of Africa / Brigalia Bam -- A vision for theological education in North America / Martha Horne -- Women, Church and ministry in the coming decade / Penny Jamieson -- Beyond revival: a proposal for mission in the Church of Uganda into the third millennium / Amos Kasibante -- The Nippon Sei Ko Kai today and its future task / Samuel Isamu Koshiishi -- A vision for the religious orders in the Anglican Communion in the next century / Una Kroll -- The Mothers' Union of the future / edited by Barbara Laws and Louise Vincer -- A vision for a Church in jubilee: the Anglican Church and social justice in the next millennium / Njongonkulu Ndungane -- The theological and mission tasks facing Hong Kong Anglicans in the years of reunification with China after 1997 / Michael Poon -- Revisioning our Church as a community of belonging: a task for all / Peter B. Price -- The future of the mission agency / Diana Witts -- A vision for the Anglican contribution in the minority context of Korea over the next decade / Jeremiah Guen Seok Yang -- Afterword / George L. Carey.
OTCH Note: Contributors include two Canadians: Joyce Carlson and Gordon Light.
Added Entry
Wingate, Andrew (Andrew David Carlile), 1944-
Pemberton, Carrie (Carrie Mary), 1955-
Sitshebo, Wilson T. (Wilson Timothy), 1952-2008
Ward, Kevin, 1947-
Centre for Anglican Communion Studies (CEFACS)
Abu El-Assal, Riah (Riah Hanna), 1937-
Adogame, Afe, 1964-
Anderson, Allan
Andre, Georges Titre
Aruldoss, J.
Bam, Brigalia H. (Brigalia Hlophe), 1933-
Blackett, Harcourt
Carlson, Joyce Clouston, 1949-
Carter, Richard A. (Richard Anthony), 1959-
Chamarette, Christabel, 1948-
Chandran, J. Russell (Joshua Russell), 1918-2000
Clutterbuck, Diane, 1952-
Carey, George L. (George Leonard), 1935-
de Waal, Esther
Deen, Pervez
Deen, Rina
Deuchar, Andrew (Andrew Gilchrist), 1955-
Gakuru, Griphus, 1959-
Gordon-Carter, Glynne (Glynne Elizabeth Patricia), 1942-
Heath. Martin
Hind, John (John William), 1945-
Hollingsworth, Paula
Horne, Martha (Martha Moore Johnston), 1948-
Jamieson, Penny (Penelope Ann Bansall), 1942-
Kasibante, Amos (Amos Sebadduka), 1954-
Kater, John L. (John Luther), 1941-
Keetile, James GaOfenngwe
Koshiishi, Samuel Isamu
Kroll, Una, 1925-2017
Kwok, Pui-lan, 1952-
Lande, Aasulv
Lawes, Barbara
Lewis, Harold T. (Harold Thomas), 1947-
Light, Gordon S. (Gordon Stanley), 1944-
Lipp-Nathaniel, Julie (Julie Christiane), 1941-
Macdonald, Lesley
Maraschin, Jaci C. (Jaci Correia), 1929-2009
Marks, Edward Saw
Minchin, James
Mokuku, Philip (Philip Stanley), 1935-
Mombo, Esther, 1957-
Mumbi, Robert
Musindi, Beatrice (Beatrice Nambuya Balibali), 1964-
Naish, Tim (Timothy James Neville), 1957-
Nazir-Ali, Michael (Michael James), 1949-
Ndriamahafahana, J. Bruno
Ndungane, W.H. Njongonkulu (Winston Hugh Njongonkulu), 1941-
Newman, Las
Ngewu, Livingstone Lubabalo, 1950-2012
Nikkel, Marc R., 1950-2000
Njiri, Edith Njoki
Nkoane, Martha
Okeke, Ken (Ken Sandy Edozio), 1941-
Okorocha, Cyril C. (Cyril Chukwunonyerem), 1948-
Oliver de Wallis, Helena
Omoyajowo, Akin (Justus Akinwale), 1965-
Ong, Eddie
Pato, Luke Lungile, 1949-
Peiris, Jayasiri
Pirouet, Louise (Margaret Mary Louise), 1928-2012
Pobee, John S. (John Samuel), 1937-2020
Poon, Michael (Michael Nai-Chiu)
Premasagar, P. Victor (Peddi Victor), 1927-2005
Price, Peter (Peter Bryan), 1944-
Rao, Krupaveni Prakasha
Raumati, Tikituterangi, 1937-2018
Rees, Christina (Christina Deryn Irving), 1957-
Rumalshah, Mano (Munawar Kenneth), 1941-
Selvanayagam, Israel, 1951-
Storr, Fannie H.
Swartz, Oswald (Oswald Peter Patrick), 1953-
Thompson, Sally
Vincer, Louise
Wild, Emma
Williams, Trevor (Trevor Russell), 1948-
Witts, Diana (Diana Katharine), 1936-2006
Yang, Jeremiah (Jeremiah Guen Seok)
Anglican Communion
Salvation - Anglican Communion
Christianity and other religions - Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion - History
Women clergy - Church of England
Death - Zimbabwe
Death - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of Central Africa
Pentecostalism - Africa
Pentecostalism - Anglican Communion
Indigenous peoples - Canada - Anglican Church of Canada
Monasticism and religious orders, Anglican - Church of the Province of Melanesia
Melanesian Brotherhood
Spirituality - Celtic Church
Bible - Criticism, interpretation, etc. - Church of the Province of Uganda
Inclusive language - Anglican Communion
Liturgical renewal - Anglican Communion
Evangelism - Church of the Province of Myanmar
Spirituality - Episcopal Church of The Sudan
Sudan - Politics and government - 1985-
Christianity and culture - Anglican Communion
Christianity and culture - Africa
Maori - New Zealand - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. Diocese of Jerusalem
Church of the Province of Nigeria - History
African independent churches - Nigeria
Church of the Province of Congo
Church of South India
Church of England. Archbishop of Canterbury
Anglican Communion - Structure
Anglican Communion - Europe
Exchange of persons programs - Anglican Communion
Youth - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Ministry - Episcopal Church
Total ministry - Episcopal Church
Black Episcopalians
African-Americans - Religious aspects
Afro-American Episcopalians
Multiculturalism - Canada
Multiculturalism - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion - South America
Anglican Church of Australia
Anglicans, French-speaking
Church of the Province of Congo. Diocese of Shaba
Theological education - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Theological seminaries - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia. Diocese of West Malaysia
Anglican Communion - Relations - Church of South India
Church of the Province of Southern Africa - 20th century
Church of the Province of Southern Africa - Structure
Ecology - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of Australia
Minorities - Great Britain
Minorities - Religious aspects - Church of England
Black Anglicans - Church of England
Homosexuality - South Africa
Homosexuality - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Violence against women - Scotland
Violence against women - Religious aspects - Scottish Episcopal Church
Church and state - Lesotho - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Lesotho - Politics and government
Violence against women - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of Kenya
Structural adjustment (Economic policy) - Zambia
Economic justice - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of Central Africa
Christianity and culture - Church of the Province of Uganda
Christianity and culture - Uganda
Sex - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Youth - Madagascar
Youth - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
Christianity and culture - Caribbean Area
Polygamy - Africa
Polygamy - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of Kenya
Women in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Refugees - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Refugees - Sudan
Women's rights - India
Women in the Church of South India
Christians - Pakistan
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Church of Pakistan
Church of Pakistan
Health - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Healing - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Missions, Medical - Anglican Communion
Children - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Women in the Church of the Province of the Congo
Corrymeela Community
Violence - Ireland
Dalits - Religious aspects - Christianity
Education - Religious aspects - Church of North India
St. John's College (Agra, India)
Church of Bangladesh
Christianity and culture - Church in Wales
World Conference on Mission and Evangelism (1996 : Salvador, Brazil)
Christianity and other religions - Islam - Church of the Province of West Africa
Evangelism - Anglican Communion
Indigenous peoples - Argentina
Indigenous peoples - Religious aspects - Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America
Church of Ceylon
Christianity and other religions - Buddhism - Church of Ceylon
Christianity and other religions - Hinduism - Church of Ceylon
Christianity and other religions - Sri Lanka
Christianity and other religions - Hinduism - Church of South India
Women - Africa
Women - South Africa
Theological education - United States
Theological education - Episcopal Church
Ordination of women - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Ordination of women - Anglican Communion
Priesthood - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Priesthood - Anglican Communion
Ministry - Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Church of the Province of Uganda - 20th century
Holy Catholic Church in Japan (Nippon Sei Ko Kai) - 20th century
Monasticism and religious orders, Anglican
Mothers' Union - Anglican Communion
Poverty - Religious aspects - Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Poverty - South Africa
Poverty - Religious aspects - Anglican Communion
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
Hong Kong - Relations - China
Missions - Societies, etc. - Anglican Communion
Anglican Church of Korea
0-89869-304-7 (pbk.)
Call Number
BX 5005 A55 1998
Trinity College (Graham Library)
Less detail

Transforming Culture for Christ : The Legacy of Florence Li Tim Oi
Rees, Christina (Christina Deryn Irving), 1957-
Record Type
Journal Article
Anglican World
2004 New Year (2003 / 2004)
Rees, Christina (Christina Deryn Irving), 1957-
Record Type
Journal Article
Anglican World
2004 New Year (2003 / 2004)
On 25 January 1944, Bishop Ronald Hall of Hong Kong, ordained Florence Li Tim Oi to the priesthood. She was the first Anglican women ever ordained a priest and died in 1992. In 1994, Florence's sister, Rita Lee-Chui, established the Li Tim Oi Foundation to assist women in the two-thirds world to train for Christian work in their own countries. "Since its launch in 1994, the Foundation has helped over 130 women from 67 dioceses in 11 provinces of the Anglican Communion, in countries from Fiji to Pakistan, to the Sudan and other African countries to South America. Nearly half these women have been ordained and the others are working in a variety of positions such as evangelists, social workers, legal advisors and community project leaders". In May and June 2003, the author, a trustee of the Foundation, travelled to Kenya and Uganda to meet some of the women who had been assisted by the Foundation. Among the women she met were the Reverends Ruth Wakanene and Rahab Kariuki of the Anglican Church of Kenya and the Rev. Alice Wataka of the Church of the Province of Uganda. "All the women I met spoke of the challenge of teaching the difference between the Christian faith and traditional cultural practices and expectations." "What impressed me was the women's awareness of themselves as agents of change -- of the need to speak into their own cultures the transforming messages of Jesus Christ." "Other women were actively involved with breaking down the damaging barriers of tribalism, enabling people from different backgrounds to communicate with one another and to build relationships of trust. It was this combination of bringing the liberating love of God along with down-to-earth practical help that makes these women so effective. With the training they have received they are able to help and challenge their own communities from within, showing where traditional practices harmful to human flourishing are at odds with the Christian faith".
Li Tim-Oi Foundation
Women in the Anglican Communion
Women church workers - Anglican Communion
Women clergy - Anglican Communion
Women clergy - Anglican Church of Kenya
Women clergy - Church of the Province of Uganda
Christianity and culture - Anglican Communion
Wakanene, Ruth
Kariuki, Rahab
Wataka, Alice
Less detail

Voices of this calling : experiences of the first generation of women priests
Publication Date
Material Type
Call Number
BV 676 V65 2002
Norwich, Eng.
Canterbury Press
Publication Date
ix, 214 p. ; 21.6 x 13.6 cm.
Material Type
"Edited by Christina Rees".
"To mark the tenth anniversary of the vote to ordain women as priests, a rich tapestry of voices reflects on the impact of a decade of women's priestly ministry in the Church of England. Many women serving in a variety of pastoral contexts ... As contemporary debate surrounding the ordination of women to the episcopate intensifies, the experiences of Bishop Penny Jamieson are particularly timely, as she reflects upon her decision to leave England to fulfil her calling as a Bishop in New Zealand". -- back cover.
Contents: Acknowledgements dated July 2002 / Christina Rees -- Part I: Setting the Scene / Christina Rees -- Part II: Priesthood and Womanhood: Questions and Answers / Una Kroll -- Following the Call / Blanche Clancey -- A Step Ahead: Church Trailing Calling / Judith Rose -- Pain and Privilege / Ruth Wintle -- Journey Beyond Priesthood / Jean Mayland -- Still Far to Go / Donald Barnes -- Spiritual Signs and Good Stewardship / John Davies -- From Theological Assent to Cultural Normality: A Slow Progress / Vincent Strudwick -- Moving Towards Wholeness / Patience Purchas -- The Highs and Lows of Being First / Christine Farrington -- Healing and Integration / Anne Townsend -- The Gift of an Altar / Jane Bass -- Being a Role Model / Rosalind Brown -- Fulfilling Vocation: Continuing Campaign / Jane Shaw -- Vocation as a Journey of Discovery / Fiona Stewart-Darling -- Women: Beautifully and Wonderfully Made in the Image of God / Rose Hudson-Wilkin -- Recognizing Gifts / Lesley Bentley -- A Journey of Awe and Grace / Mary Huston -- Following the Spirit: Risk as Obedience / Alyson Peberdy -- It Doesn't Hurt a Bit / Enid Morgan -- The Section of the Best Branch / Judith Maltby -- Breaking Down Walls / Philippa Boardman -- The Table of God's Generosity / Flora Winfield -- Unlearning and Relearning Leadership / Janet Fife -- Visibly Vulnerable / Francesca Dixon -- Costly Creativity / Jane Tillier -- Motherhood and Priesthood: Integrating Roles / Gulnar Francis-Dehqani -- Questioning Stereotypes of Sexuality and Gender / Helen Duckett -- What Should I Call You ? / Jane Haslam -- The Call of the Wider Church: Partnership and Creativity / Jackie Searle -- Acceptance and Joy / Emma Percy -- From Unthinkable to Unremarkable / Jane Charman -- Priesthood and Society / Wendy Bracegirdle -- The Call to Wait / Sheila Watson -- Diary Notes and Wry Observations / Katharine Rumens -- Becoming a Just Church / Nerissa Jones -- Catalyst for Change / Judy Hunt -- Letter to My Father / Christopher Hall -- Women at the Altar: Expressing Our Common Humanity / Ann Nickson -- At the Interface Between the World and the Kingdom / Helen Cunliffe -- Reflecting Priesthood / Carrie Pemberton -- Moving Further to the Margins / Susan Shipp -- Discovering New Patterns / Faith Claringbull -- Ongoing Transformation / Caroline Dick -- Challenge and Liberation / Rachel Wood -- Good for Women: Good for the Church and the World / David Driscoll -- Affirmation and Acceptance / David Hawtin -- New Awakenings / Christopher Cocksworth -- Pilgrimage to Priesthood / Angela Berners-Wilson -- On Cathedrals and Committees / Vivienne Faull -- Women Bishops: Looking Forward / Martyn Percy -- When I Saw Her Standing There / John Saxbee -- Facing the Light / Lucy Winkett -- Discovering the Kingdom / Susan King -- I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me, 'We Will Go Into the House of the Lord' / Jo Bailey Wells -- Behold, I am Doing a New Thing / Penny Jamieson -- Postscript / Christina Rees -- Epilogue / Rowan Williams.
Added Entry
Rees, Christina (Christina Deryn Irving), 1957-
Barnes, Donald (Donald Edward), 1926-
Bass, Jane (Rosemary Jane), 1938-
Bentley, Lesley, 1955-
Berners-Wilson, Angela (Angela Veronica Isabel), 1954-
Boardman, Philippa (Philippa Jane), 1963-
Bracegirdle, Wendy (Cynthia Wendy Mary), 1952-
Brown, Rosalind, 1953-
Charman, Jane (Jane Ellen Elizabeth), 1960-
Clancey, Blanche (Blanche Elizabeth Fisher), 1928-
Claringbull, Faith (Faith Caroline), 1955-
Cocksworth, Christopher J. (Christopher John), 1959-
Cunliffe, Helen (Helen Margaret), 1954-
Davies, John (John Dudley), 1927-
Dick, Caroline (Caroline Ann), 1961-
Dixon, Francesca (Francesca Dorothy), 1952-
Driscoll, David, 1942-
Duckett, Helen (Helen Lorraine), 1971-
Farrington, Christine (Christine Marion), 1942-
Faull, Vivienne (Vivienne Frances), 1955-
Fife, Janet (Janet Heather), 1953-
Francis-Dehqani, Guli (Gulnar Eleanor), 1966-
Hall, Christopher (Alfred Christopher), 1935-
Haslam, Jane, 1970-
Hawtin, David (David Christopher), 1943-
Hollins, Susan (Patricia Susan Shipp), 1954-
Hope, Susan, 1949-
Hudson-Wilkin, Rose (Rose Josephine), 1961-
Hunt, Judy (Judith Mary), 1957-
Huston, Mary (Mary Brigid), 1959-
Jamieson, Penny (Penelope Ann Bansall), 1942-
Jones, Nerissa (Mary Nerissa Anna), 1941-
Kroll, Una, 1925-2017
Maltby, Judith (Judith Diane), 1957-
Mayland, Jean (Jean Mary), 1936-2021
Morgan, Enid (Enid Morris Roberts), 1940-
Nickson, Ann (Ann Louise), 1958-
Peberdy, Alyson (Alyson Susan), 1948-
Pemberton, Carrie (Carrie Mary), 1955-
Percy, Emma (Emma Margaret), 1963-
Percy, Martyn (Martyn William), 1962-
Purchas, Patience (Catherine Patience Ann), 1939-
Rose, Judith (Kathleen Judith), 1937-
Rumens, Katharine (Katharine Mary), 1953-
Saxbee, John (John Charles), 1946-
Searle, Jackie (Jacqueline Ann), 1960-
Shaw, Jane (Jane Alison), 1963-
Stewart-Darling, Fiona (Fiona Lesley), 1958-
Strudwick, Vincent (Vincent Noel Harold), 1932-
Tillier, Jane (Jane Yvonne), 1959-
Townsend, Anne (Anne Jennifer), 1938-
Watson, Sheila (Sheila Anne), 1953-
Wells, Jo Bailey, 1965-
Williams, Rowan D. (Rowan Douglas), 1950-
Winfield, Flora (Flora Jane Louis), 1964-
Winkett, Lucy (Lucy Clare), 1968-
Wintle, Ruth (Ruth Elizabeth), 1931-
Wood, Rachel (Rachel Astrid), 1971-
Church of England - Clergy
Ordination of women - Church of England
Women clergy - Great Britain
Women clergy - Church of England
Call Number
BV 676 V65 2002
Less detail