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Anglican Congress 1963 : Report of proceedings
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Trinity College (Graham Library)
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BX 5021 A65 1963
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Anglican Congress (1963 : Toronto, Ont.)
[Toronto ON]
Editorial Committee, Anglican Congress 1963
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xv, 312 p ; 21.5 x 14 cm.
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"Edited by the Rev. E.R. Fairweather".
"Distributed in Canada by The Anglican Book Centre, 600 Jarvis Street, Toronto 5, Ontario. Distributed in Great Britain by S.P.C.K., Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone Rd., London N.W. 1. Distributed in the U.S.A. by The Seabury Press, 825 Second Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10017". -- verso of t.-p.
"Printed and bound in Canada by T.H. Best Printing Company Limited, December 1963". -- verso of t.-p.
Includes bibliographical references.
"The following pages contain what I sincerely hope is a fair account of the Anglican Congress of 1963. In addition to the sermons and formal addresses, reproduced in as accurate and definitive a form as time and circumstances permit. I have included both the group 'findings' as officially reported to the full Congress and a wide selection of informal speeches and comments made in the plenary sessions or sent in from the groups. I have also attempted a brief preliminary interpretation of the Congress as I saw it and felt its impact. It was the express wish of the Editorial Committee that the record of the Toronto Congress should include these elements of personal reporting and commentary and I have tried to carry out my assignment without worrying unduly about the criticisms that such an impressionistic account must necessarily invite". -- Preface, p. xv.
Contents divided into five main parts: Part One: Anglican Congress, 1963 -- Part Two: The Church's Mission to the World -- Part Three: The Church in Action -- Part Four: The Challenge of the Frontiers -- Part Five: After the Congress ... What ?
Contents of prefatory material: Congress Prayer -- Churches of the Anglican Communion -- Table of Contents -- Foreword / The Most Reverend Howard Hewlett Clark -- Preface dated Trinity College, Toronto, Canada, November 15, 1963 / E.R.F.
Contents of Part One: Call to Reformation / The Editor -- The Opening of the Congress: The Congress Assemblies -- Sermons at the Opening Service / Howard Hewlett Clark and Arthur Michael Ramsey.
Contents of Part Two: Theme One: The Church's Mission to the World: On the Religious Frontier -- Theme Address / M.A.C. Warren -- Panel -- Islam / A Kenneth Cragg -- Totalitarianism, Communism, Secularism / Robert R. Browne -- Buddhism / Y. Endo -- Sectarianism and Divided Christendom, the African Situation / C.E. Tuboku-Metzger -- What Was Said Later / A. Kenneth Cragg -- Theme Two: The Church's Mission to the World: On the Political Frontier -- Theme Address / John W. Sadiq -- Panel -- International Affairs / Philip Mason -- Social Justice / A.C. MacInnes -- Racism / T.O. Olufosoye -- Hunger, Poverty, Rapid Social Change / Janet Lacey -- What Was Said Later / C.E. Crowther, Francis T. West, Richard S. Emrich -- Theme Three: The Church's Mission to the World, On the Cultural Frontier -- Theme Address / John Lawrence -- Panel -- Changing Concepts of Man / E.R. Wickham -- The Image of Christianity in the Modern East / Chandu Ray -- Urbanization. Industrialization, Automation / W.G. Pollard -- Mass Society and the Mass Media / Malcolm Boyd -- What Was Said Later / W.G. Pollard, E.R. Wickham, W.G. Pollard, Philip Mason, Janet Lacey.
Contents of Part Three: Mission as Our Common Task / F.D. Coggan -- Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence in the Body of Christ : A Message from the Primates and Metropolitans of the Anglican Communion -- Commentary / A.M. Ramsey, David M. Goto, Richard R. Roseveare, John W. Sadiq, Stephen F. Bayne -- What Was Said Later / Mark Gibbs -- Pictures -- Sermons at the Mass Meeting of Missionary Witness / K.D.W. Anand, Roland Koh, John C. Vockler.
Contents of Part Four: Theme Four: The Challenge of the Frontiers: Training for Action -- Theme Address / F.C. Synge -- Panel -- Theological Education / Alan Richardson -- Stewardship / Richard S. Emrich -- Vocation and Enlistment / E.G. Knapp-Fisher -- Training of the Laity / A.M. Stockwood -- What Was Said Later / F.C. Synge, Alan Richardson, E.G. Knapp-Fisher, W.G.H. Simon, Sospeter Magua, Mpiwa Mbatha, Dale Pederson, Victor G. Shearburn -- Theme Five: The Challenge of the Frontiers: Organizing for Action -- Theme Address / Stephen F. Bayne -- Panel -- Internal Structure and Organization / H.L.J. de Mel -- Manpower / Walter H. Gray -- Strategy / W.G.H. Simon -- Pooling Information and Combined Operations / Peter N. Harvey -- What Was Said Later / Stephen F. Bayne, Peter N. Harvey, F.D. Coggan -- Theme Six: The Vocation of the Anglican Communion -- Theme Address / Howard A. Johnson -- Panel -- The Anglican Communion in Ireland / G.O. Simms -- The Anglican Heritage and the Common Christian Calling / William R. Coleman -- Unity Within the Anglican Communion / H.M. Waddams -- The Anglican Church in the Ecumenical Movement in Pakistan / Priobala Mangat-Rai -- What Was Said Later / J.C. Fowler.
Contents of Part Five: Some Unfinished Business: Notes on the Closing Sessions of the Congress -- Christian Morality / L.J. Beecher, H.L.J. de Mel, R.S. Emrich, Mrs. Ronald Hallifax, Miss A. Devitt -- The Second Vatican Council / C.H.W. de Soysa, James A. Pike, Arthur A. Vogel -- The Closing Day's Business / A.M. Ramsey -- The Congress Message -- The Closing Service: Sermon at the Closing Service / Joost de Blank -- Congress Committees -- List of Delegates -- Directory of Congress Participants.
Added Entry
Fairweather, Eugene R. (Eugene Rathbone), 1920-2002
Anand, Kenneth Daniel Wilson
Bayne, Stephen F. (Stephen Fielding), 1908-1974
Beecher, Leonard James, 1906-1987
Boyd, Malcolm, 1923-2015
Brown, Robert Raymond, 1910-1994
Clark, Howard H. (Howard Hewlett), 1903-1983
Coggan, Donald (Frederick Donald), 1909-2000
Coleman, William Robert, 1917-1992
Cragg, Kenneth (Albert Kenneth), 1913-2012
Crowther, C. Edward (Clarence Edward), 1929-
de Blank, Joost, 1908-1968
de Mel, Lakdasa (Hiyanirindu Lakdasa Jacob), 1902-1976
De Soysa, Charles Harold Wilfred, 1909-1971
Devit, A., Miss
Emrich, Richard S. (Richard Stanley Merrill), 1910-1997
Endo, Yoshimitsu (John Yoshimitsu), 1910-
Fowler, John C.
Gibbs, Mark
Goto, David Makoto, 1910-
Gray, Walter Henry, 1898-1973
Hallifax, Ronald, Mrs.
Harvey, Peter N. (Peter Harold Noel), 1916-1996
Johnson, Howard A. (Howard Albert), 1915-1974
Knapp-Fisher, Edward George, 1915-2003
Koh, Roland, 1908-1972
Lacey, Janet
Lawrence, John W. (John Waldemar), 1907-1999
MacInnes, Campbell (Angus Campbell), 1901-1977
Magua, Sospeter, 1921-1982
Mangat-Rai, Priobala, 1911-
Mason, Philip
Mbatha, Mpiwa
Olufosoye, Timothy Omotayo, 1918-1992
Pederson, Dale
Pike, James A. (James Albert), 1913-1969
Pollard, William Gilbert
Ramsey, Michael (Arthur Michael), 1904-1988
Ray, Chandu , 1923-1983
Richardson, Alan, 1905-1975
Roseveare, Reginald Richard, 1902-1972
Sadiq, John W.
Shearburn, Victor G. (Victor George), 1900-1975
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Simon, William Glyn Hughes, 1903-1972
Stockwood, Mervyn (Arthur Mervyn), 1913-1995
Synge, Francis Charles
Tuboku-Metzger, Constant Ernest
Vockler, John Charles, 1924-2014
Waddams, Herbert Montague, 1911-1972
Warren, Max Alexander Cunningham, 1904-1977
West, Francis T.
Wickham, Edward Ralph, 1911-1994
Anglican Congress (1963 : Toronto, Ont.)
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Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)
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BX 5021 A65 1963
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Trinity College (Graham Library)
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