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Christianity and the crisis
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Trinity College (Graham Library)
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BR 50 D42
Victor Gollancz
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616 p. ; 18.9 x 13 cm.
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"Edited by Dr. Percy Dearmer, Canon of Westminster".
"The issue, indeed, is simple. The motives and methods of human life are not sufficiently moralised: it was to moralise the machinery of production, to limit the power of selfishness, that Wilberforce and Shaftesbury were working a century ago; and the whole world now enjoys what Christians then won: but in many ways industry and business, and family life, and civic and political activity, need further moralisation. Money -- the necessary use of tokens of exchange -- has been overlooked in its moral aspect (in spite of what Christ said about it) .... And, alas, there was one aspect of human life which was not understood a hundred years ago; and to this our present miseries are mainly due. The very word 'international' had then only just been coined by Jeremy Bentham. The whole conception of moralising international relations was in its infancy. So the world went on to its doom. So, because the nations and their representatives have not yet learnt the elements of international behaviour, we stand at this moment of writing on the brink of irretrievable disaster. It is in a very real sense true that only Christ can save the world from ruin to-day. Are we prepared to let his spirit save the nations from themselves ?" -- Preface, p. 10-11.
Contents: Preface By the Editor / Percy Dearmer -- Introductory: "Christ or Chaos ?" -- 1. Vindication / E.A. Burroughs -- 2. The Demands of the Ordinary Man / Albert Mansbridge -- Part I: The Present Chaos -- 1. The Intellectual and Moral Confusion / W.R. Matthews -- 2. The Confusion in Literature / Richard Ellis Roberts -- 3. The Social and Economic Confusion / P.T.R. Kirk -- 4. The Confusion in International Relations / J. Howard B. Masterman -- Part II: What Christianity Is -- 1. The Secret of Christ / Charles E. Raven -- 2. Christ's Conception of the Kingdom of God / Arthur Herbert Gray -- 3. The Original Fellowship Idea of the Christian Church / Joseph Wellington Hunkin -- 4. The Christian View of Man as Social / S.J. Bezzant -- 5. Christianity and History: -- a) General Development / Malcolm Spencer -- b) Social Progress and the Continental Churches / A.E. Garvie -- c) The Stockholm Conference / G.K.A. Bell -- 6. Uniting the Christian Forces / Edward S. Woods -- 7. What the Church is Doing: Social Activities / S.E. Keeble -- Part III: The Christian Solution -- 1. Personal and Family Life / A.A. David -- 2. Education / Charles Grant Robertson -- 3. The Social and Economic Order -- a) The Basis of Exchange / Hewlett Johnson -- b) Civic and Industrial Reform / J. Morgan Rees -- c) Individual Function and the Community / E. C. Urwin -- d) Labour and Leisure / A. Maude Royden -- e) The Rebirth of the Village / W. Beach Thomas -- 4. The State and Constructive Citizenship / W.G.S. Adams -- 5. The World of International Affairs -- a) Christianity and the League of Nations / Lord Dickinson -- b) The Crisis and the East / J.B. Raju -- c) Disarmament / Cosmo Gordon Lang -- d) A Christian Peace Policy / E.N. Porter Goff -- 6. Is There an Alternative ? -- a) Scientific Humanism and Religions of Life / H.G. Wood -- b) Industrial Secularism / Maurice B. Reckitt -- c) Communist Secularism / Nicolai A. Berdiaeff -- 7. The Church in the World: Failures and Opportunities / F.R. Barry -- 8. The Conclusion of the Matter / William Temple -- Index.
Colophon: Printed in Great Britain by The Camelot Press Ltd., London and Southampton". -- verso of t.-p.
Added Entry
Dearmer, Percy, 1867-1936
Adams, W.G.S., 1874-1966
Barry, F. Russell (Frank Russell), 1890-1976
Bell, George Kennedy Allen, 1883-1958
Berdyaev, Nikolai Alexandrovitch, 1874-1948
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Temple, William, 1881-1944
Thomas, William Beach, 1868-1957
Urwin, Evelyn Clifford, 1884-1978
Wood, Herbert George, 1879-1963
Woods, Edward Sydney, 1877-1953
Christianity - 20th century
Christian sociology
Economics - Religious aspects - Christianity
Economics - Religious aspects - Church of England
Christianity and international affairs - 20th century
Stockholm Appeal
Christian union - 20th century - History
Church and social problems
Money - Religious aspects - Church of England
Economic justice - Religious aspects - Christianity
Church and industry
Church and labor
Rural areas - Great Britain
Community development - Religious aspects - Christianity
League of Nations
Peace - Religious aspects - Christianity
Disarmament - Religious aspects - Church of England
Humanism - Religious aspects - Christianity
Communism and Christianity
Church and the world - 20th century
Church and the world - Church of England
Call Number
BR 50 D42
Trinity College (Graham Library)
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