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Name of the Church
1952 September
General Synod. Minutes
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1952 September
General Synod. Minutes
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Archdeacon A.H. Davis
Archbishop of Rupert's Land
Presented the Report of the Committee on "Name of the Church," and moved its adoption.
In conjunction with this Report, Chancellor Harris moved, as an amendment, seconded by Dr. Flanagan, that the Constitution, Canon I - "Name of the Church" be amended by striking out the words "The Church of England in Canada" and substituting the words "The Anglican Church of Canada."
The Rev. Dr. Hurford presented the resolution of the Synod of Huron, That we request General Synod to take no action at the present time in the matter of changing the name of the Church of England in Canada.
After some discussion the vote was taken on the amendment, which was lost (106 for; 119 against). The original motion was then put to the House, and CARRIED (116 for; 93 against).
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Report of Committee on the Name of the Church
To the Most Reverend, the Primate, and the Members of General Synod:
Your Committee on the Name of The church, begs to report that since its appointment by last General Synod, it has held five (5) meetings, but owing to reasons of distance, it has never been possible to have a full meeting of the Committee.
A Brief, on the Name of The Church, has been prepared and circulated to every Bishop of the Church, and to all members of the Committee.
From a careful survey of the replies received, it is evident that:--
(1) No one of the names suggested by various Synods, and individuals has won anything like the general approval of the Church.
(2) One or two important Dioceses have not taken the matter up with their people.
(3) Many Dioceses report little or no interest among the rank and file of their people.
(4) The women of the Church, through their official body, the Women's Auxiliary, are opposed to any change in name.
(5) Where the matter was referred to the Synod of one large Diocese, the vote was overwhelmingly against any change in the name of the Church.
Your Committee feels that what interest there is in a change in the Name of the Church, is purely an academic interest and that there is little desire on the part of the great rank and file to take action upon purely speculative grounds, because of the many serious and practical difficulties involved.
In considering some of the reasons for a change, the Committee gave very careful consideration to the arguments advanced by those who believe the present name is keeping non Anglo-Saxons from belonging to the Church. From replies received from various parts of the Country, it was generally conceded that to change to "Anglican" is not going to achieve the desired result; many are of the opinion that our Church people must seek out and welcome into their hearts and fellowship non Anglo-Saxon people coming into our Country who are as "sheep without a shepherd". It is not a matter of Name, but one of Attitude which will widen our fellowship.
Your Committee is therefore recommending that the official title "THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND IN CANADA" be retained -- that no action be taken, and that this Committee be discharged.
A.H. Davis, Secretary,
Committee on the Name of the Church.
Church of England in Canada - Name
Church of England in Canada. General Synod. Constitution. Canon I
Anglican Church of Canada - Name
Church of England in Canada. Committee on the Name of the Church
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