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Put People Before Resource Development -- Anglicans Urge
[1980 October]
Anglican News Service
Record Type
Press release
[1980 October]
Anglican News Service
Record Type
Press release
[No date] [Toronto, Ont.]
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"The Church has never said there not be development in the North. We are simply very concerned that governments and corporations not make decisions about resource development before they deal with the needs, aspirations and claims of the people involved." That is the feeling expressed by the Rev. Clarke Raymond, Executive Director of Program for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, as he prepared to give evidence at the National Energy Board hearings on the Norman Wells Pipeline application on October 27, 1980.
Raymond's presentation, part of the intervention by the Committee for Justice and Liberty Foundation, traced the concerns for Native self-determination, the environment and the nature of Canadian northern development which the Anglican Church has expressed since its publication of 'Beyond Traplines' in 1969. Through resolutions at its General Synod, participation in 'Project North', representations to the Berger Commission and in the work of the Church's Unit on Public Social Responsibility, the Anglican Church has consistently focused on the moral, social and environmental issues related to energy and other resource development projects in the North.
The N.E.B. is in a position to make recommendations which can be acted upon by the Federal Cabinet without recourse to Parliamentary debate of the issues involved. The Anglican Church, with other denominations, church groups and Native Peoples' organizations, is presently opposing a similar situation in which Amax Corporation has been given permission, by Order-in-Council to by-pass federal regulations and dump 100 million metric tons of toxic heavy metals into Alice Arm, British Columbia. There is, therefore, fear that the same by-passing of Common debate could happen in relation to the Norman Wells Pipeline.
The full text of the General Synod statement is attached.
[Text of statement not included in electronic database.]
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For further information, please contact:
The Rev. L. Clarke Raymond (at hearings in Yellowknife)
The Rev. Peter Hamel
Consultant in National Affairs
Anglican Church of Canada
600 Jarvis St.
Toronto. Telephone (4160 924-9192, ext. 248
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