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Amendments to the Rules of Order and Procedure
2010 June 3-11
General Synod Minutes
Record Type
Act 16
2010 June 3-11
General Synod Minutes
Record Type
Act 16
Mr. David Jones
The Rt. Rev. Susan Moxley
That this General Synod amend the Rules of Order as follows:
- 1. deleting section 17(d);
- 2. amending section 18(b) to read as follows:
-- b) The three Orders of Bishops, Clergy and Laity shall vote together unless a vote by Orders is required by the Constitution or called for pursuant to the Rules of Order. In order to be passed the motion shall require a majority of the votes cast, and abstentions shall not be counted in determining the majority.
- 3. amending section 18(d) to read as follows:
-- d) When voting by Orders, the vote shall be put to all members of General Synod regardless of the result in any order.
- 4. adding section 20(a.1) to read as follows:
--a.1) Ex officio and other non-diocesan members of General Synod shall vote with the diocese in which they are normally geographically resident for laity, or canonically resident, for clergy.
and this resolution shall come into effect upon Second Reading being given to Resolution A019 (Act 13).
Moved by: The Very Rev. Iain Luke
Seconded by: Canon Terry Leer
That Clause 4 be removed from the resolution.
Motion to table
Moved by: Mr. James Sweeney [sic i.e. Sweeny]
That the motion be tabled.
There being no seconder for the Motion to Table, consideration of the amendment continued.
Motion to put the question.
Moved by: The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham
Seconded by: The Rt. Rev. James Cowan
That the question be put. CARRIED
Vote on the amendment DEFEATED
Vote on the motion CARRIED IN ALL ORDERS Act 16
Anglican Church of Canada. General Synod. Rules of Order and Procedure
Anglican Church of Canada. General Synod - Rules and practice
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