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Letter Leaflet / Living Message
11 reels
16 mm
Biographical Sketch
Preceded by Monthly Letter Leaflet, the Letter Leaflet was established November 1888 and ran until October 1922. The Monthly Letter Leaflet was the newsletter of the Church of England's Woman's Auxiliary to Missions. It was renamed The Letter Leaflet when the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society was formed and ran under that title from Feb. 1893 until December 1922. It was followed by the Living Message, 1923 to May 1986, and then the Anglican Magazine, Jan. 1987-Dec. 1991. Volume numbering was continuous.
Scope and Content
Microfilm consists of :
Reel 1 - Letter Leaflet, 1889-1895 [on Reel 6 of Mf 83-9]
Reel 2 - Letter Leaflet, Jan. 1896-Dec. 1904
Reel 3 - Letter Leaflet, Nov. 1904-May 1914
Reel 4 - Letter Leaflet, June 1914-Dec. 1916
Reel 5 - Letter Leaflet, Jan. 1917-Dec. 1922
Reel 5 - Living Message, Jan. 1923-Dec. 1925
Reel 6 - Living Message, Jan. 1926-Dec. 1934
Reel 7 - Living Message, Jan. 1935-Dec. 1943
Reel 8 - Living Message, Jan. 1944-Dec. 1951
Reel 9 - Living Message, Jan. 1952-Sept. 1961
Reel 10 - Living Message, Oct. 1961-Dec. 1973
Reel 11 - Living Message, Jan. 1974-Dec. 1982
Related Fonds
Woman's Auxiliary fonds
Corporate Name
Church of England's Woman's Auxiliary to Missions
Woman's Auxiliary to the Board of Domestic and Foreign Missions of the Church of England in Canada
Woman's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada
Woman's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church Women
Anglican Church of Canada. Periodicals
Anglican Church of Canada. Woman's Auxiliary
Anglican Church of Canada. Anglican Church Women
Originals and Reproductions
GSA has copies of the originals. See Periodicals Database
Accession Number
Mf 83-10
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